Truck Service Oil / Lube Technician

Job Description
Provide friendly, accurate and efficient service to customers in a safe and clean profit center that consistently provides superior customer satisfaction and serves the long-term interests of the Company through established principles, proper procedures, sound business judgment and meeting or exceeding standards.
Uniform & Appearance:
Employees should be clean at all times.
Hair must always be neatly groomed, clean and regularly washed. Hair must not be dyed unnatural colors. Hair styles that regularly get into the eyes should be avoided. Men may wear beards and mustaches if they are clean and well groomed.
Be discreet and understated in the application of perfumes and makeup.
Fingernails must be neatly trimmed and clean. May use clear nail polish only.
Uniform should be clean, complete and without wrinkles, tears or cuts.
Company issued shirt, pants and jacket.
Brown or black slip resistant safety shoes.
Sewn on company brand name tag.
"Home of the Quality PM" logo or all black ball caps with hard shell inserts.
Approved safety glasses/goggles.
The Employee Appearance and Uniform Guidelines policy provides more detailed guidelines that must be adhered to
Knows and follows safety guidelines and is alert to and reports potentially unsafe situations caused by employees and customers.
Wears and uses protective equipment properly.
Continually monitors personal and other employees' behavior for unsafe practices and takes corrective action when necessary.
Displays enthusiasm for TA and customers.
Completes training requirements for current position.
Willingly helps other employees when needed.
Upholds company standards.
Notifies manager of positive and negative feedback from customers.
Suggests and supports innovative ideas.
Understands specialized customer programs.
Understands Truck Service Standard Services.
Understands Company warranty policy.
Understands basic tire terminology and applications.
Diagnoses wear conditions and together with TSA or Manager, makes recommendations to customers.
Lubricates moving parts of diesel engine trucks. Inspects fluid level of steering gear, power steering reservoir, transmission, differential, rear axle housings, and shackles.
Checks air pressure of tires.
Drains oil from crankcase and refills crankcase with required amount of oil.
Sprays leaf springs with lubricant, using spray gun. Adds water to radiator and battery. Replaces oil and air filters.
Completes repairs within their capabilities and as written.
Efficiently uses all shop equipment.
Provides own hand tools.
Follow Lockout/Tagout on repairs/inspections performed in and outside of the service bays to ensure vehicles tags are used to prevent the unauthorized starting of a vehicle.
Cleans all areas of the Truck Service Bays as directed.
Performance Measurement: Progress will be measured through regular employee evaluations. The evaluation process includes being evaluated against TA shared objectives and other objectives agreed upon with your supervisor. Following is an overview of the TA shared objectives. The objectives are defined more fully in the Truck Service Technician Employee Evaluation Form.
Attendance:Measures the employee's punctuality and reliability.
Safety:Measures the employee's adherence to safety regulations as well as his/her conscientiousness at identifying safety concerns and taking corrective action.
Personal Appearance:Measures the employee's adherence to uniform, eating and smoking policy
Job Knowledge:Measures how well the employee handles assignments with minimal direction. Required training courses completed in a timely manner.
Personal Relations:Measures the employee's ability to get along with co-workers and customers.
Housekeeping:Measures the employee's ability to keep the work area neat and clean and completion of the Shift Sanitation Checklist.
Customer Satisfaction:Measures how fast, friendly, and accurately service is provided to each customer.
Operational Standards:Measures the employee's work order void rate.
Speed of Service:Measures the employee's ability to keep customer time waiting under 45 min.
Education and Experience Requirements:
Minimum of High school graduate or equivalent.
Must have basic computer skills.
Able to relate well with people.
Must possess a satisfactory work record and ability to work with minimal direction.
Physical Requirements: Must be able to:
Lift and carry cases of merchandise, individual parts and tools up to an approximate weight of 50 pounds.
Frequently bend, stoop and reach in order to stock merchandise/parts, service customers, reach safe drops, under and over counter supplies and goods, etc. Must be able to use arms above head/shoulder level.
Climb a ladder or "step-up" to reach supplies stored in overhead areas.
Stand/walk for shifts up to eight hours (short breaks are provided throughout the shift).
Operate computer efficiently. Requires good vision, hand coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity.
Perform basic cleaning duties i.e. sweep/mop bay floors, painting, equipment etc. Requires strength in upper extremities and torso to perform these physical tasks.
Reach out and bend to operate all safety equipment, i.e., emergency cut-off switch, fire extinguisher, etc.
Read and write.
Communicate effectively with customers and employees.
Work alone and physically capable of summoning personal assistance during all medical emergencies.
Job number: 2625992
Category: Truck Service Center
Location: UT, Parowan, 1100 North 130 West

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